Adopter Testimonials

At GypsySoul, we pride ourselves on creating a positive and memorable experience for every adopter.

Our adoption process is thorough and full disclosure to ensure that every dog we place goes to a home that is a perfect match for their temperament and their new family's lifestyle.

Below are a few testimonials from previous adopters.

Previous adopters: If you feel you have had a positive experience with GypsySoul, please email us your very own testimonial along with a few photos so we can keep this page pupdated! 


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I lost my best dog friend of 14 years.  Without a dog in my home it was lonely. I was working with Rottweiler rescue groups and had been through the application process, interview & home visit. They were keeping me notified of available dogs.

I received a tip about a rottie at the Topeka shelter and followed him to GypsySoul.

GypsySoul was great! They got back to me right away when I inquired about him. The application process was easy and within a couple days I was told that Romeo could be mine, and within a week, he was at my home.

Romeo made himself at home immediately and we quickly bonded.  He's brought me joy and companionship. It is good to have a dog in my home again.

After almost a year with him, I can't imagine my life without Romeo. He is family.

I am glad I chose to rescue & give a dog in need a forever home.

-Crystal J.


We were not really looking for a new dog and certainly did not think we would find a pug through GypsySoul Rottweiler Rescue. We had just lost our beloved 17 year old pug when we saw Wyatt (previously named Mantis) on Petfinder. I saw his picture and read the description of him and started to ask more questions to Lauren as he had some eye problems. She was able to give me all the information she had about him. For the next week, we messaged frequently and she always got back with me very quickly. I had a million questions and most of all, emotionally we did not know if we were ready. They

were very patient and provided me all the information I asked for. Finally after several days and a lot of communicating, my family was ready to say “yes” to Wyatt! They even brought him to us in Leawood, KS. He has changed our life! We call him “the best dog in the world”. He had been in a foster home through the rescue so we were given a description of his potty training, temperament, etc. and it was all true! He was crate trained and great with kids. My 6 year old twins are besides themselves in love with him!  It is unimaginable that a breeder would euthanize him. He is the light of our lives and our sadness with the loss of our previous pug has disappeared with the spark of Wyatt in our home. Thank you GypsySoul Rottweiler Rescue for all you do!


-The Mayer-Moser Family

Scarlett O'Hara

My sweet Scarlett O'Hara came to me when I wasn't looking for a companion. My niece and her best friend run GypsySoul, and when I was in Pittsburg one weekend last January, my sweet little Chihuahua/MinPin found me. She was rescued out of a backyard in Oklahoma, because her "owners" were leaving her out in the cold for extended periods of time, and thankfully a good samaritan saved my little 10-month old, 7lb angel. As soon as I saw her, I knew that my life would be changed forever. She was exactly what I needed at that point in my life. Logan and Lauren were awesome with the adoption process.... I paid my fee, and they got her fixed and her shots taken care of before I was able to take her home. They also had me sign a document that stated that I would never abandon her or give her up; but rather, return her to them should I find myself unable to care for her. I love that they do this! It truly shows their passion and compassion for these animals. They want

forever homes for the animals they rescue, and they truly care what happens to them. I had no idea last January, just how much my sweet little nugget would change my life. She has brought so much joy and love to my life, and I absolutely cannot imagine life without her. She has the funniest personality, and cracks me up on a daily basis. She is my Little Buddy, and I could not be more thankful that she found me. I will love her forever. Thank you so much GypsySoul, for everything you do to bring joy and love into people's and animal's lives.


All My Love and Gratitude, 

Shannon Couper and Scarlett O'Hara

Emma and Bear

When my dog, Rocky, died in 2016, I wasn't sure when or if I'd ever be ready to have another one, so I donated a lot of his things to GypsySoul Rottweiler Rescue. A few weeks later, they posted a picture of a big guy named Bear, and I fell in love. I later found that Bear had been surrendered with Emma, and that the two were a bonded pair. I made arrangements to drive down from Kansas City, still not sure if I was ready for another dog, but that uncertainty went away as soon as I met them. GypsySoul is an incredible place, where the dogs are able to live in a real home, not in a kennel. I would adopt from them without hesitation, and I tell all of my friends about them as well. If you're thinking about adopting, I encourage you to get in touch with GypsySoul before you look anywhere else.


- Don W.


This is Stanley...aka Stan the Man! 

We love him so very much and would like to thank GSRR for the easy process of adoption that we experienced while working with them.  We were literally able to pick Stanley up the very next day!  They have also been so quick to respond to any questions I have had since the adoption.
Thank you for the opportunity to love this sweet old man!


Our sweet guy Onyx has been with us for one incident-free week. He has had no accidents, has destroyed nothing, has been exceptionally obedient and persistently loving, and has not incited the wrath of his new fur-sister one time. As you know, we approached his adoption with a great deal of apprehension because we weren’t feeling very positive about how our existing dog would react, but she loves him. She is happier and more relaxed with Onyx than we have seen her in a long time. They play constantly. When they are not playing, Onyx is quite a momma’s boy. It is not unusual for me to turn around in the shower and find him with his head pushing the curtain back to rest his chin on the side of the tub—so we are working on being more relaxed when Mom isn’t in the room! We are also working with him on ways he might ask for cuddles and affection without punching his loving humans in the face or jumping on them full-body! Onyx’s greatest behavioral problem is that he is too full of love to contain it with good manners, so we consider ourselves very lucky. Thank you for being so patient and reassuring and for investing your valuable time and expertise into Onyx’s seamless transition into our lives. We are so lucky to have him!

-Katelyn R.

My husband and I were not interested in obtaining a pet when Manny came into our lives. In fact, it was our 8 year old son who introduced us to who would become the missing member of our family. Barrett met Manny while he was helping out at an adoption event, he took one look at him and knew that he needed him. My husband and I were not easily convinced and we told him ‘no’ several times before finally realizing that there was something special about this dog. For Barrett’s 9th birthday we surprised

him with Manny – it turned out to be a gift for all of us. One of Manny’s favorite things to do is snuggle! He always joins us on the

couch for movie time, typically draping his rather large body all over us. He loves to give kisses, I could really handle less of his tongue all over my face but Barrett LOVES it! I think when he looks back on it he will realize that the person who taught him how to kiss was actually Manny :). Prior to bringing Manny into our home my husband and I had many conversations with Lauren and Logan about the fact that he was a rescue dog and was possibly previously in an abusive situation; we just wanted to make sure we wouldn’t have any aggression issues with him. They thoroughly answered all of our questions, explained the behavior rehabilitation they had done with him and even let us take him home for the night to make sure he was a good fit. The love and compassion these two young women have for these animals is truly remarkable. They genuinely care who these dogs are placed with and their top priority is making sure the rehoming situation is the best possible for everyone involved! We can’t imagine our lives without Manny and I know there are hundreds of other GSRR clients who share that sentiment!

-Jamie R.



I’ve had 2 Rottweilers previously, and they are my favorite breed, so after losing 2 of our senior mixed breed dogs between December 2016 - March 2017, I knew that I really wanted our next dog to be a Rottweiler. But I was broken-hearted so we were a single dog household until “the right dog came along.” 

Even though we live in Asheville, NC - a post from GypsySoul Rottweiler Rescue came across my newsfeed one day with an adult Rottie. He was adorable and sounded like he had the perfect personality, so we reached out to GSRR, only to find out that he wasn’t good with cats (and we have 3!) BUT they let us know that there was a litter of puppies that they would be accepting applications for soon.

That’s when we knew! We applied for a puppy, and a couple of months later we drove 820 miles to get our boy! GSRR was so amazing to work with. They ensured that each puppy found the VERY best home, and we couldn’t be more grateful that we get to be Enzos forever home!

Thank you so much to GypsySoul Rottweiler Rescue for all that you do. We couldn’t be more in love with our sweet boy. 


-Blair and Ben


We LOVE miss GRETA and she has helped my husband get through a VERY difficult loss of our 13 YR OLD Rottie mix Hammer last June....brings joy AND wackiness to our lives and plays with our older cattle dog mix...she has brought life, love, and laughs to a sad household that has had its share of pet loss over the last 8 years.

-Brandy & Leon


We lost our girl Natasha in September 2017. It was hard for us because she went downhill so fast. We are a three dog household and our two boys just seemed to need a new pack member.

I am a member of so many rescue sites on Facebook along with being on Pet finder & Adopt-a-dog.  I would recommend GypsySoul Rottweiler Rescue to anyone looking for that special friend. They work with anyone in the United States and I understand internationally. There are a lot of groups that will not accept applications if it is not a state they work with.

It was a Wednesday October 18th that I got an email from Pet finder about a puppy I had tagged as interested from GypsySoul. A puppy just wouldn’t have worked for us and I had not sent in an application for him. I thought well let’s see who they have available now and there she was, Rhea.

Her bio said she was good with dogs and kids. She was beautiful, regal looking and a bit smaller than our Natasha was.

I immediately filled out an application and sent it in. GypsySoul returned a message by noon and when I got home I showed my husband. I said they are in Kansas; (we are outside St. Louis, MO) and he said of course let's go see her.

Saturday we drove 300 miles one way to see this girl and it was love at first sight. We brought her home that day and she has fit right in. She is adjusting nicely and each day the boys are settling more with her. She is a love bug and perfect for us.

Thank you so much GypsySoul for being there and allowing us to rescue this girl. We shall treasure her forever.


-Patricia and Steven Hodge