Requirements for Potential Adopters

All GSRR Adopters must fill out an adoption application or go through some form of interview process with a GSRR staff member prior to adoption. During this process, we ensure that all pets in a potential adopter’s home are spayed or neutered, up to date on all vaccinations, and on heartworm preventative. We ALWAYS do a veterinary reference check on any potential adopter with other pets in the home to ensure these things. We also check local and nationwide “Do Not Adopt” lists for the names of potential adopters. We DO NOT adopt out dogs to strictly outdoor homes or to homes that have other dogs that are strictly outdoors (we will rarely make exceptions to this rule). We can not adopt out pit bulls or pit bull-type dogs to areas with breed specific legislation that bans pit bulls (this also applies to other banned breeds including Rottweilers). We require that potential adopters be willing to give a rescue dog continued training and socialization and to seek professional advice should training issues arise. We reserve the right to refuse a dog to anyone.

If you feel you meet these requirements, please fill out either a dog adoption form or a Rottweiler adoption form and contact us once you have done so!

What does our Adoption Contract Entail?

The following is what you will be agreeing to upon signing an adoption contract:
1. The dog you adopt from us will not be kept strictly outdoors or on a chain
2. You will not kennel your dog for excessive and uncomfortable amounts of time
3. Your pet will always be provided clean drinking water, food, shelter, exercise, and safety.
4. You will obey all laws pertaining to owning animals in your area.
5. You will provide all necessary veterinary care including yearly exams and vaccinations, heartworm preventative, and treatment as needed.
6. You are adopting one of our dogs as a companion pet and not as a working animal or guard dog.

7. You will provide your dog with continued training and socialization. You will seek professional training advice should a behavioral issue arise and before deciding to return your dog to GSRR. (We are professional trainers and offer lifetime advisement to our adopters! Contact us!)
8. The dog you adopt is not to be sold or given away for any reason. If it becomes necessary to find the animal another home, GypsySoul should be contacted and the animal should be returned to them by the adopter, at the adopter’s time, and at the adopter’s expense.
9. Adoption Fees are non-refundable
We also stress in our contract that we can make no guarantees as to the health or temperament of any of our dogs.

What does my adoption fee cover?

Adoption fees vary from dog to dog. All adoptable GSRR dogs are altered (spayed or neutered), up to date on all vaccinations (Bordatella, Canine Distemper/Parvo, and Rabies), heartworm negative, on monthly heartworm preventative, flea treated (as necessary), and wormed monthly. We give heartworm preventative and wormer to all of our dogs on the 1st of every month but that will generally not be notated on their medical charts. Many (but not all) of our dogs are microchipped and that will be notated on their medical history. In addition to all of this, all adoption fees go straight back towards helping us save at-risk dogs in high kill shelters across the country as well as helping us provide all necessary medical care to every dog that comes through our hands. We cannot make any guarantees regarding the health of any of our dogs but we always strive to be full disclosure about any issues we have noticed or dealt with throughout our experience with each dog.


Adoption fees: vary (see “What does my adoption fee cover?”)
Holding fees: non-refundable $30 holding fee (built into your adoption fee, view “Policy on holding dogs for potential adopters”)
Additional holding fees: vary, may apply based on amount of time the dog is being held
Transport fees: $50, covers all transport expenses (see “Out of state/Cross-state/International Adopters”)
Yearly foster fees: covered!

Required Surrender donation: $75

We currently accept cash, in-state (Kansas) checks, and paypal (in advance) payments. 

What if I can’t keep my GSRR dog?

We always stress to our potential adopters that adopting a dog is a serious lifetime commitment and we want our adopters to think of their new dog as a new, irreplaceable member of their family. However, if for ANY reason whatsoever you can no longer keep or care for a dog you have adopted from GSRR, whether it be behavioral, medical, financial, personal, or other reasons, GSRR MUST be contacted and the dog MUST be returned to us at the adopter’s time and expense, regardless of the amount of time that has passed since adoption. The adoption fee is 100% non refundable. You are bound by the adoption contract you signed upon adoption to do so. GSRR makes a lifetime commitment to every single dog that passes through our hands and we fully intend to uphold that commitment.
Please know that if you do return a dog to us, you may be placed on a local or nationwide “Do Not Adopt” list. This will be a joint decision made on a case-by-case basis by the GSRR directors and will generally affect anyone who has returned a dog for what would be considered “not an understandable reason,” anyone in breach of our adoption contract, or for anyone who we believe has neglected or mistreated one of our dogs.
We are hopeful that should you experience any behavioral issues with your adopted dog, you will get in touch with us as soon as the issue arises (undesirable behaviors will be easier to address the more quickly they are interrupted). We at GSRR are experienced dog handlers and have worked very closely with each dog that has passed through our hands. Many of our previous adopters have been able to find new perspective on their dog’s behavioral and training needs after contacting us. We will provide in-home training sessions with you and your new pet as resources allow or we can direct you to a professional dog trainer in your area who can help you work through any issues you are having. We would like to stress that almost any issue that arises with an adopted dog CAN be resolved and if it can’t be resolved, it can almost always be easily managed. We want to provide our adopters with the tools to make it work!
All of that said, we understand that sometimes unavoidable situations arise and the dog must be returned to us. We will ALWAYS take the dog back.

Please read this blog post about why we ask our adopters to make a lifetime commitment to their new dog. 

I found a stray dog! What do I do?

If you have found a stray dog, please get in touch with local authorities such as your local animal control, police department, or sheriff. GSRR generally does not take in strays, however we work closely with our local animal control and humane society to help end the unnecessary euthanization of homeless dogs in our area.

I need to surrender a dog. What do I do?

If you need to surrender your dog, please fill out a surrender form. Please note that we now require a $75 surrender donation in order to help offset the cost of vetting owner surrenders. We are usually very full with a waiting list of dogs that are in need of our help and may not be able to help you in a timely manner. It will be more likely that we can take in your dog if it is spayed or neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and heartworm negative. If we cannot take in your dog, we will try to direct you to other resources or rescues. Please note that by contacting us to surrender your own personal pet, you may be put on a local or nationwide “Do Not Adopt” list. This will be a joint decision made on a case-by-case basis by the GSRR directors and will generally affect anyone who has is attempting to surrender a dog for what they would consider “not an understandable reason” or for anyone who we believe has neglected or mistreated a pet.

I’m interested in becoming a foster for GSRR

In order to foster a dog from GSRR, you must meet many of the same requirements as a GSRR adopter. For example, all pets in your home must be altered (spayed/neutered), up to date on all vaccinations, and on heartworm preventative. If a GSRR staff member needs to contact you, you must be able to be back in contact within a few hours. You also must be able to transport your foster dog to any veterinary appointments or meet-and-greets that may come up. Fostering is a really awesome, fulfilling, and helpful way to get involved with animal rescue and we are always in need of foster homes for our dogs. If you meet our requirements and would be interested in more information about fostering, please fill out a foster form.

Policy on “holding” dogs for potential adopters

We do not hold dogs unless the full adoption fee has been paid and an adoption contract has been filled out and signed by the adopter. An approved adoption application DOES NOT guarantee that you will be able to adopt a dog. Until the fee has been paid in full and a signed contract has been received, the dog remains the property of GSRR and will remain so until the dog leaves our hands. If you are an approved adopter (meaning that you have filled out an adoption application and it has been approved by a GSRR staff member) and would like to put a hold on a dog until you can come meet it, you must inquire about paying the full adoption fee via Paypal and filling out the contract ahead of time. This fee will be non-refundable if you do not make your meet-and-greet appointment (with exceptions being made at a GSRR director’s discretion). If upon your meet-and-greet with a dog, you decide you will not be adopting the dog, all but a $30 hold fee will be refunded to you via paypal within the next 24 hours. For example, if a dog’s adoption fee is $125 which you pay via paypal, and you decide upon the meet-and-greet not to adopt the dog, you will be refunded $95. An additional hold fee will not be charged if you decide to adopt the dog upon the meet-and-greet. This policy will ensure that anyone wanting to put a hold on a dog is very serious about adopting it so that there are no missed opportunities for potential adoptions should the holder back out. This policy also applies to adopters for whom we arrange transport services. Additional holding fees may apply.


The following policies apply to potential adopters and anyone interested in fostering or volunteering.

These policies also address our criteria regarding stray or surrendered dogs.

I’m interested in volunteering with GSRR

Because we are currently a group-home shelter without a facility, our opportunities for volunteers are a bit limited. That said, we are frequently in need of “transporters” to help us transport dogs around the area. In addition, we have several “adoption events” every year and can always use extra help setting up and taking down the events and very much appreciate those who come to walk the dogs at the event. If you are interested in volunteering with GSRR, please contact us.

Another great way to get involved with GSRR that doesn't require you to give up your time is by becoming a donor. More information on donating to GypsySoul can be found here.

Out of state/Cross-state/International Adopters

We are excited to announce that GSRR has adopted out dogs all across America and even internationally! For an extra $50 transport fee, we are able to arrange transport to homes all across the nation and to Canada. Our goal is to adopt out at least one dog to all 50 states. Once we determine that you are an approved adopter, we will explain more about how the transport process works as it varies depending on where you are located and the time of year. Please read our policy on “holding” dogs for our adopters as it will explain a little more about this process.