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Katie's Progress

January 28, 2017


Note: We at GSRR are experienced dog handlers and trainers. If your dog is showing signs of aggression, we highly recommend you contact a local professional trainer. Please do not attempt to "rehab" a dog without first consulting a professional trainer.
I just want to share a few videos of Miss Katie over the past week. She was surrendered to us on Sunday and I couldn't touch her. Her owners couldn't get a muzzle on her and Katie continually tried to bite them. I had them put her in our outside kennel and told them I would do what I can. I spent a lot of time this week sitting at the kennel with my back to her while she growled and did what she is doing in the first video. This is a dog who is almost too nervous for any positive reinforcement (treats/pets). She enjoys her hotdogs but in a stressful environment they don't help her learn. You see me using negative reinforcement (pressure with the collar) to get her to walk beside me, stop when I stop, and sit. This is a dog who if surrendered to a shelter, would have been put to sleep immediately for behavioral issues. This dog had "Petsmart training" as a puppy and you see how well that went for her. Petsmart told her owners to NOT assert any dominance over her, don't tell her NO, and use only positive reinforcement. Petsmart training is a joke. That training and advice could have gotten someone seriously hurt with a dog like this. Contact a real trainer instead and learn pack structure. It is the basis to all training. Rottweilers, which are a very dominant and headstrong breed, yearn for discipline and someone to lead them. They want structure and boundaries (all dogs do). You always assert dominance over any dog because YOU are the pack leader and if you don't assume the roll, your dog will which can be so dangerous such as in cases like this one. 
However, just in one short week she has begun to trust me and allow pets and play time. I was able to get a dominant collar on her today and take her on a small pack walk as you can see. We will continue with daily pack walks and hopefully next week we can begin some slow introductions with our dogs. I'll keep you posted. 😉

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