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October 24, 2017

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Belle's Journey

February 10, 2017

Who is this beautiful sleepy head? You probably recognize her. She's been the first dog in our "available dogs" photo album on facebook for a long time. She's been featured on our facebook cover photo since the very first time we started doing what we like to call "puppy bingo." She's now been a GypsySoul dog for over 1 year. 
1 year-- a year of trials and triumph for miss Belle. 
Over the last year, Belle was surrendered to us from a situation where she wasn't treated the way she deserved to be. Where she saw lots of scary things that made her feel like she needed to be "big and bad." We were new to this-- we hoped we could help her.
When she came to us, she attached herself to Lauren immediately. She was very wary of strangers and put on a really good front. But if you knew her, you'd know she was just bluffing.
We also noticed she likes to nurse on blankets-- earning her one of her many nicknames, "dirty blanket sucker." 
Belle was adopted with another rottie early last year. We didn't want to say goodbye-- she has been so special to us from the very day she came into our home. Though Belle had made great progress, she was adopted into a home that was just too busy for her. She didn't adjust well and she was returned. 
You can imagine just how hard this can be on a dog.
When she came back, we thought she might be back for good. We always said, she's choosing to keep us. And for a long time, we thought that was the case. This stubborn Rottie/Hound mix knows how to get her way. 
Over the last year, Belle has made great strides-- she has become the most wonderful dog and companion. Everyone who meets her falls in love. Everyone who knows her knows she has such a strong, human-like personality. She is incredibly smart, incredibly loving and loyal, and incredibly stubborn. There's no better way to put it!
Over the last month, Belle, in her own way, has begun to tell us she is ready to find her family. 
Belle knows what she's doing and we trust her. 
She has moved from our home, her home for the last year, into a foster home. We needed to see how she would adjust to a new environment-- if she would revert back to her old ways or take the new experience in stride. We wondered if she really was ready-- but we were the ones in denial.
Belle, Bella, Belly, Jelly Belly, Dirty Blanket Sucker-- one of the most amazing dogs we have ever had the incomparable joy of knowing-- is ready. She is thriving in her foster home, her foster family adores her and always let us know how well behaved she is, and we know it is her time. 
Belle is a nearly 3 year old Rottweiler/Hound Dog mix. She is excellent with all other dogs and cats (in fact, being in our home, she has been exposed to every size, shape, and temperament of dog you could imagine). She is well behaved in the house, is not destructive, and doesn't need to be crated when you aren't home. She is completely house trained, knows all of her basic obedience, and also knows a few cute tricks!
Belle is an incredibly special dog-- you can't imagine how special she is to us. We want to find the perfect home for her-- a home where she will fit right in. The home she's always been destined to find.
It's been a journey with Belle and it will be hard to say goodbye but Belle told us herself-- she's ready.
Please contact us if you are interested in adopting our sleepy, sweet Belle. 
Come out and see her at our POP UP Adoption Event! tomorrow (February 11)!


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